Our horses are the most important part of our lesson program! Every horse we ride teaches us something, and all of ours are great assistant trainers and are worth their weight in gold! Take a moment to learn about each of them.

Keezlenutten Farm - Billy


Billy – 2014 chestnut 15h Arabian/QH gelding

Show Name: Mulberry’s Mischief

Billy belongs to Abby and was adopted through the Equine Rescue League. He’s super cute and a smooth mover, just watch for his “love nibbles”! He lives at the trail barn.



Keezlenutten Farm - Branson



Branson – 2009 bay 15.1h Arabian/QH gelding

Show Name: Third Time’s The Charm

Branson belongs to Sydney. He has turned out to be a great Jumper horse for her! He is occasionally found in the lesson program as well.


Keezlenutten Farm - Buddy



Buddy – 2003 bay roan 16h Percheron/QH gelding

Show Name: Be My Buddy

Buddy is a big boy! Not overly tall, but really thick. He’s a sweet boy that has a super comfy trot and canter. He is popular in all of our lessons and especially on bareback days at camp!

Buddy is half leased by Karsyn.



Butternut – 2002 14.2h Haflinger mare


Butternut is a fun little project mare we got from Long Meadow Equine Rescue. We assume she was previously used to pull a cart, as she came from an Amish auction. After A LOT of schooling, she has turned into a really nice Advanced Beginner/Intermediate lesson pony. While she’s not super comfy to flat, her jump is quite smooth. She does require a firm hand for steering though!Unfortunately, due to her foundering in the past, she will never be allowed regular turnout on grass.



Keezlenutten Farm - Chevy



Chevy – 2003 AQHA 15h bay gelding


Chevy is being leased by Krista from his owner. He hadn’t done much jumping before he came to our farm, but he seems to really love it! He is a great intermediate lesson horse as well.





Keezlenutten Farm - Chili


Chili – 2006 liver chestnut 15.1h ApHC mare

Registered Name: Zip ‘Er Up

Chili is a very stout built horse that is used in our beginner and lower intermediate lessons. Her trot and canter are both pretty smooth and she jumps small fences.




Keezlenutten Farm - Chumley



Chumley – 2002 bay leopard 14.3h Appaloosa gelding

Chumley is a super friendly guy. He tries really hard and is pretty comfortable!

Chumley is half leased by Paige.




Keezlenutten Farm - Cleo



Cleo – 2002 black grade QH mare

Cleo is a wonderful addition to our lesson program! She’s really sweet and seems pretty unflappable. Went right into lessons and camp without a problem.




Keezlenutten Farm - Copper



Copper – 1996 chestnut APHA gelding

Copper loves trail riding and was often chosen for parades and off-the-farm trail rides because of his brave attitude. He lives a pretty relaxed retired life at the trail barn these days.





Keezlenutten Farm - Cole




Cole – 2003 black Mountain Pleasure Horse gelding

Cole is a sweet soul that sometimes gaits, but most of the time does walk, trot and canter just fine. He also seems to enjoy jumping! Cole belongs to Maddie.





Cricket – ~2009 grey 14.1h QH/Arab mare

We got Cricket from Long Meadow Equine Rescue. While she started out a very green large pony, she has finished up to be a really talented jumping machine!




Keezlenutten Farm - Daisy




Daisy – 1997ish grey 14h pony mare

Daisy came from a hunter/jumper farm in Aldie, VA. She is super smooth and a favorite among the WTC students!




Keezlenutten Farm - Dell



Dell – 1998 15.3h chestnut AQHA gelding

Dell is Shana’s horse. He came from Hunter’s Edge Horse Farm and is a great lesson horse here as well. He is perfect for our walk/trotters!


Keezlenutten Farm - Eleanor



Eleanor – 2018 dark bay 15.3h OTTB mare

Registered Name: Regal Honor


Eleanor was adopted through New Vocations. She’s a super quiet girl who was retired from racing for being “non-competitive”. She’s got a great brain and we’re hoping that she will be introduced to the lesson program in the next year.

Keezlenutten Farm - Finn


Finn – 2002 chestnut 14.3h QH cross gelding

Show Name: Mischief Managed

Finn has very smooth gaits for a large pony/small horse. Aside from his less than perfect ground manners, he is a great lesson horse! 


Keezlenutten Farm - Ginger



Ginger – 2001 chestnut 14.1h QH/Welsh mare

Show Name: Ginger Snap

Ginger has VERY smooth gaits and is great for all levels of riders. Her steering isn’t always the best and she can sometimes get a little quick, but everyone seems to like riding her! Doesn’t hurt that she’s super comfy.

Ginger is half leased by Kathryn.


Keezlenutten Farm - Gus


Gus – 2011 16h Draft/Paint/Saddlebred (?!?! who knows) gelding

Show Name: With Gusto

Gus has a GREAT personality and tries super hard to figure out what you want to do. He’s very smooth both at the canter and over jumps. 




Harley – 2010 15.3 ApHC gelding

Show Name: Small Town Boy

Harley is owned by Neah. He is a talented horse that can do Hunters and Jumpers well. Just watch him on the ground – he likes to nibble!!


Keezlenutten Farm - Honor


Honor – 2012 dark bay 16h OTTB mare

Registered Name: Mitzi’s Miniball

Show Name: On My Honor

Honor loves to jump and is used in advanced lessons.




Keezlenutten Farm - Hopie



Hopie – 2000 chestnut 16.1h AQHA gelding

Registered Name: Hopie Arwen

Hopie is a homebred boy! His gaits are great but his size is amazing! Neither his mom or dad were anywhere close to his height! Hopie has been retired to the trail barn to live out his days.


Keezlenutten Farm - Isabella




Isabella – 1995 chestnut 13.3h registered Paso Fino mare

Isabella is a very smooth gaited trail horse with lots of personality.





Kip โ€“ 2000 AQHA 16.1h bay Appendix gelding

Registered Name: Kick in the Pass

Kip is a nice large Appendix with super smooth gaits. His friendly demeanor and super cute face, plus his really smooth gaits, have made him a favorite at the barn, ESPECIALLY with my adult students! He has a pretty nice jump too. Just donโ€™t look at him below the knees LOL, those are some seriously turned out feet! 

Kip is half leased by Maddox.



Keezlenutten Farm - Kodi


Kodi – 2002 ApHC 15.1h gelding

Registered Name: Kodiak Cassanova

Kodi is a lazy boy that teaches riders to be assertive and how to use a driving seat aid (or he doesn’t move…). But he is very capable once you get him going. He’s great for teaching people to jump since he’s so quiet and honest to the fences! 


Keezlenutten Farm - Ladybug


Ladybug – 2007 APHA 15.1h chestnut mare

Registerd Name: WOR Sparkling Image

Ladybug is a very sweet mare that is wonderful for walk/trot/individual canter lessons. She is super smooth and easy to steer.



Keezlenutten Farm - Mango



Mango – 1999 chestnut QH mare

Mango is from Long Meadow Equine Rescue. She hadn’t been ridden recently before they got her, but she obviously had training in her past! She is doing great in our walk, trot, individual canter lessons.


Keezlenutten Farm - Montana



Montana – 2004 APHA gelding

Montana belongs to Emma & Kristina. He’s been a great horse for them to learn on and he’s a good boy in lessons. Before they owned him, he used to belong to Ella.




Keezlenutten Farm - Nemo



Nemo – 2003 Arab/TB? 15h chestnut gelding

Show Name: Just Keep Swimming

Nemo is a cute mover and jumper that belongs to Jennifer! He lives up at the trail barn.





Nutmeg – 2005 Draft cross 15.1h chestnut mare

Nutmeg is from Long Meadow Equine Rescue and she’s an absolute sweetheart with an amazing canter. She is already going well in lessons and has taken to jumping. Nutmeg belongs to Chelsea.






Pepper – 2015 bay roan AQHA 14.3h mare

Pepper is a fun horse that has a great brain! She is owned by Marlowe. We’re looking forward to watching these two learn together. Pepper is also used in Intermediate and Advanced lessons.





Keezlenutten Farm - PJ



PJ – 1998 APHA 15.1h mare

Show Name: Missed A Spot

PJ is owned by Lizz & Laurie Phillips but is being leased by the farm for lessons. She’s an excellent lesson horse for all levels of riders!





Polly – 2003 black QH cross (maybe some TB?) 14.1h mare

Show Name: Polly Wolly Doodle

We’ve had Polly at our farm off and on since she was about 4. Polly has grown up a lot, but is still quite the little speed demon, jumping machine. She has been retired from lessons due to arthritis, but will soon be living out her days at a friend’s farm.






Sage – 1999 bay 14.3h Paso Fino gelding

Sage is Margaret’s trail horse. He is very calm and easy going with a super smooth gait.





Stormy – 2017 dark bay 16h OTTB mare


Registered Name: Naturally Quick


Stormy is coming along in her training after a couple injury rehabs. She is a forward horse, but not one that overreacts normally. She’s got a nice, ground covering stride and seems fairly brave to the jumps so far.



Keezlenutten Farm - Sully



Sully – 2013 brown 16.2h WB/Paint gelding

Sully is owned by Danielle. He has had quite a few setbacks in his short life and he is currently coming back into work, but showing a lot of promise.




Keezlenutten Farm - Timmy


Timmy – 1996 chestnut 15h QH/TWH/App gelding

Show Name: Tiny Tim

Timmy is full of personality! Unfortunately, due to some vision changes, Timmy has been retired to live out his days at the trail barn.



Keezlenutten Farm - Titus


Titus – 2009 dun 14.3h Paint gelding

Show Name: Titus

Titus belongs to Madi. He is a great little guy with a pretty amazing jump! He’s pretty popular since he’s so cute, but also because he’s such a good boy to ride (even for little kids!). You need to have sticky legs if he thinks the jump is scary though – his knees come up to his eyeballs!!



Keezlenutten Farm - Tye




Tye – 2004 chestnut 16.1h QHx gelding

Show Name: Bow Tye

Tye is Kailee’s horse. He lives up at the trail barn.






Volt – 2011 bay 14.3h Cleveland bay/QH gelding

Registered Name: Frostyoak Bolt

Volt is from the Bridgewater Equestrian program. We LOVE him at our farm ๐Ÿ™‚